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Want to know more about what the CFO actually does ? Are you aspiring to be a truly great Chief Financial Officer? Or do you just want to really annoy the top dog in finance?

Whatever your purpose, the articles and links below give some practical and humorous insight into the world of the CFO.

What does a
CFO actually do?

accountant job description

This sample CFO Job Description will help you understand typical duties and responsibilities...

What make a great CFO?

financial humor

Here are 11 essential qualities and skill sets of a world class head of finance....

See the funny side of being CFO....

CFO Nicknames

female cfo

20 alternative job titles for the CFO with a thick skin...

CFO Swear Words

stressed cfo

20 ways to really annoy the Chief Financial Officer...

Gifts for the CFO

Fantastic gift ideas for the CFO with a sense of humor and fun...

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