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ifrs 5Only accountants know the allure of IFRS.

Where would accountants be without IFRS?

- having a life?

- at home with the kids?

- out for dinner with their partner?

In recognition of their undoubted importance, we here at the have been working closely with the Far-Fetched Reporting Council (FRC) and produced are own list of alternative IFRS's (International  Funny Reporting Standards).

Don't go to work without them.

List Of alternative IFRS in Force

IFRS 1: Accounting Jokes

IFRS 2: More Accounting Jokes

IFRS 3: Accounting Swear Words

IFRS 4: Accounting Quotes

IFRS 5: Accounting Innuendo

IFRS 6: Accountant Pick Up Lines

IFRS 7: Accountant Insults and Put Downs

IFRS 8: Accountant Nicknames

IFRS 9:  Funny Slogans and Straplines For Accountants

IFRS 10: Alternative CFO Job Description

IFRS 11: Pending

IFRS 12: Pending

IFRS 13: Pending

IFRS 14: Pending

IFRS 15: Pending

IFRS 16: Pending

IFRS 17: Pending

IFRS 18: Pending

IFRS 19: Pending

IFRS 20: Pending

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