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Alternative Definitions of an Accountant

crazy accountantAn accountant is a person who :

  • displays deviant behaviour when it comes to numbers

  • can do tricky sums

  • experiences an inner peace in the knowledge that debits should always equal credits

  • knows the inner thrill of viewing a well structured Chart of Accounts

  • gasps at the majestic splendour of a Trial Balance

  • marvels at non-accounting colleagues who guiltlessly work from home or leave early on a Friday
  • always seems to miss a trick when it comes to claiming expenses or receiving above-inflation pay rises

  • has made a lifetime vow never to take a holiday at month end

  • spends more evenings with the office cleaner than with their partner

  • sorts out all the mess

  • reports to anybody who may be interested on where it all went so horribly wrong ...and...

  • solves a problem you didn't know you had, in a way you don't understand, at a price you can't afford!

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