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What makes you laugh?

  • smutty accounting innuendo?
  • saucy subsidiaries?
  • cross-dressing credit controllers?!
  • the marketing budget??!!
  • your pay rise???!!!

The reality is that, despite all the bad press, accountants love a good joke!

So here at the alternative accountant we thought we’d find out more.

In partnership with a notorious market research agency, we're quizzing an admittedly-limited multitude of finance professionals.

Here’s a small sample of the funny and hilarious quotes, quotations and phrases we've found so far.

Accountant Humor Survey:
Question: "What makes you laugh?"

“Our favourite is where irate suppliers phone up demanding payment and we tell them that the whole of Accounts Payable has been outsourced. ‘You should receive payment shortly’, we say. Has us all in stitches! Absolute cracker!”

name and address supplied, Group Financial Controller

“Here’s a joke I heard the other day from a colleague!:
‘How many accountants does it take to change a light bulb?? NONE! They are not allowed to under Health & Safety legislation. So they would phone Facilities and arrange for it to be done (outside of month end of course)’.
I’ve checked the process notes and, yes, she was correct.”

Susan S, Internal Auditor

“Accountant humor? We had a great one recently! An expense claim from a senior Marketing Manager - £20,000 for a season’s car parking at his favourite football club. It had been incorrectly analysed into Travel & Accommodation! What planet’s he on?! Certainly raised a chortle around here. Crazy!!“

Raj L, Financial Controller

“In our Accounts office we have a ritual every year after the company’s annual pay review. Whilst updating our spreadsheets for the new figures we have a competition to guess which department had the biggest rises. There’s always some practical joker who shouts out ‘ACCOUNTS!'

Well this year they were right! So we checked and, yes, there had been an error in updating the payroll system. Raised a few smiles and laughs around here, I can tell you! Can you believe it? Such a basic control deficiency! Now we’ve changed the process so it can’t happen again. Who says there isn't accountant humor! This place is just bonkers!”

Ben B, Senior Management Accountant

“You won’t believe this! As usual, last month end the Finance team were working right through the weekend. It was about 11pm on the Sunday and we were just getting in to our sleeping bags when – guess what? In walks the Sales Director! He had just come back from 6 weeks’ holiday and was looking for the power cable for his laptop as he was ‘working from home’ on the Monday.

It led to a few jokes and jibes I can tell you! Such a careless mistake! Thankfully, I always double check that my laptop and cable are together in my case.”

John S, Company Accountant

"This will grab you!: ‘Did you hear the one about the journal that got posted where the debits did not equal the credits?’ No. Only joking. It couldn’t happen…could it??!!!

Lefty B, Interim Finance Manager

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