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Here at the alternative accountant you'll find some of the best accountant and financial humour including new and original content.

Have a laugh on us!

1. HUMOR - Accountant Quotes Sayings Words Names

Accountant Swear Words

What makes a Financial Controller want to throttle the Head of Marketing?

accountant insults

Insults and Put Downs

Ways to bring an accountant down to size.

accounting quote

Accounting Quotes


accounting slogan

Slogans and Taglines

Finance Transformation that won't break the budget.

accountant insults

Accountant Quotes (Uncut!)

Just another day in the office.

Nicknames & Job Titles

For poking fun at all those Ledger Lovers!

Innuendo and Double-Entendre

Accountants at their rudest.

Pick-up & Chat-up lines

Financial 'n' Flirty.

accountant at desk

Alternative Definitions of an Accountant!
What Is An Accountant?

2. HUMOUR - Accountant Jokes and One Liners

Accounting and Accountant Jokes

Part 1 - Traditional

Accounting and Accountant Jokes

Part 2 - Original

3. HUMOR - Funny Accountant Videos Images and Photos

Videos and Video Clips

Creative accountants at work.

Pictures and Images

Uncut and unaudited.

4. HUMOUR - Accountant Songs and Parodies

Accounting Songs and Anthems

Join in a good old fashioned accounting sing song.

accountant songs

Song Parodies

Classics to count by.

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