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Here at the alternative accountant, we're compiling a virtual library of some of the most ludicrous and absurd accounting books ever not written.

We really have lost the plot!

Best Selling Accounting Books

How To Find A Circular Reference    by Percy Verance

The Accounting Day    by Constance Sums

Preparing Management Accounts    by Gladys Monthend

Identifying Control Weaknesses    by Kermit Fraud

The Art of Management Accounts Commentaries    by Willie X. Playnit

Being An Accountant    by Y. I. Malone

Fraud Prevention    by Hans Intils

Beginner's Guide to Variance Analysis    by Amos Lookintooit

The Art of Cash Forecasting    by Miles Out

Army Accounting    by General Ledger

Great Accounting Battles    by Major Control-Weakness

Accounting Year End    by Wendy Auditors-Cumming

101 Sabanes-Oxley Questions    by Betty Snoncompliant

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