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"How Do I Make An Accounting Career Change?"

with Agony Aunt Kim

Accounting Agony Aunt Kim is our very own part-time, professional-style, problems practitioner. Our staff may know her better as Kim in Management Accounts (the tubby one with glasses and attitude).

"How Do I Make A Career Change?"


Dear Kim,

Can you help?

I’ve worked for the same company for over 50 years and think it's time for a change.

I started out as a reconciliations urchin at the age of 8 and worked my way up through a number of finance functions including accounts payable, credit control, management accounts and budgeting. I know the 'company way' of doing things back to front.

What's more, I was an active participant in the ground-breaking ‘Customers are Groovy’ corporate initiative of the 1970s (before your time!).

My counting colleagues say that my knowledge of our bespoke ‘Corker XXIII Magnificent Elation Paradigm’ accounting system is second to none.

But I feel I’ve now reached a time in my life for a change in career. I’ve discussed it with my wife, Maureen, and we both think it’s the right thing.

Obviously it’s a big decision and I would be saying goodbye to what has in effect been my family (Maureen and I couldn’t have children) for over four decades.

Could you offer any advice or point me in the right direction?

I feel I have a lot to offer but feel very anxious about the whole thing

Len S (Management Accountant)


Mmmm. Not surprised you’re anxious! What planet are you living on? Face it - you’re unmarketable and institutionalised. I suggest lying low until retirement and hope nobody senior reads this letter.

In the meantime try my Helpline: ‘Institutionalised - Face The Facts’

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