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"My Boss May Have An Accounting Drink Problem"

ask Agony Aunt Kim

Accounting Agony Aunt Kim is our very own part-time, professional-style, problems practitioner. Our staff may know her better as Kim in Management Accounts (the tubby one with glasses and attitude).

"I think my boss may have an accounting drink problem"


Dear Kim,

Can you help? I think my accountant boss may have a drink problem.

He just hasn’t been himself recently: turning up on time for meetings, carrying out staff appraisals, even signing off reconciliations.

drunk accountantMy suspicions were aroused last month end when I found a half-empty bottle of vodka concealed in the Monthly Accounts section in his filing cabinet.

Since then he’s become a lot bolder - particularly in the build up to Month End: installing spirit optics in his bookcase, hand-pumps on his desk and lining up an impressive selection of single malts along his window sill.

And then, last week, Facilities came and replaced his meeting table and chairs with a dance floor and juke box. There’s even a rumour of a bouncer being recruited for his office.

Two days ago I confronted him. He denied the whole thing.

When I turned down his offer of a drink to discuss the month's variance report he went beserk, threatening to discipline me, calling me a do-gooder and, worst of all, putting the Birdie Song on his jukebox really loud.

Now I’m finding that his carrying on is really affecting my work.

Am I over reacting ?

Mrs K (Financial Controller)


My gut feeling is that you are not. The Birdie Song is terrible.

Remember, also, that accountancy is a tough and dangerous occupation. It only takes a misposted journal or misuse of the Sundries Account and fully-qualified men and women can go over the edge of their authorisation limits.

I'm sending you my free Helpsheet: My Boss Gets Bladdered.
(PS. if you're ever passing this way, why not pop in for a tipple yourself?)

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