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Just what IS so special about dummies that warrants best-selling bean-keeping books to be written about them?!

Despite less-than-extensive research by the alternative accountant, this one has got our best bookkeeping brains baffled.

Could it be their uncertain useful economic life? Or maybe valuation issues because of the hi-tech materials from which they are constructed?

Either way, with all this accounting attention, these mysterious manikins look as though they could warrant a whole new-and-naughty accounting standard !

But as far as we're concerned, accounting for a dummy should be no different to any other delectable double-entry.

So how then do you account for dummies? Let us show you.

You buy a dummy:
Dr. Dummies
Cr. Cash/Bank or Creditors

You pay the creditor:
Dr. Creditor
Cr. Cash/Bank

You depreciate the dummy:
Dr. Dummy Depreciation (Profit & Loss)
Cr. Dummy Depreciation (Balance Sheet)

You sell the dummy:
Dr. Cash/Bank or Debtor
Cr. Dummies
Cr. Dummy Depreciation (Balance Sheet)
Dr. / Cr. Profit / (Loss) on Sale of Dummy

The debtor pays you:
Dr. Cash/Bank
Cr. Debtor

There. All done. What's all the fuss about?

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