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"Am I An Accounting Fraud?"

with Agony Aunt Kim

Accounting Agony Aunt Kim is our very own part-time, professional-style, problems practitioner. Our staff may know her better as Kim in Management Accounts (the tubby one with glasses and attitude).

"Am I An Accounting Fraud?"


Dear Kim,

Can you help?

Sorry to trouble you.

I’ve been offered a promotion to a Level 4 senior accounting post at Head Office. It’s a great role with excellent prospects and exceptional benefits.

So what’s the problem?

Well it’s this voice inside me that’s saying ‘You’re not worthy’ and ‘They’ll find you out’.

Taking the promotion would be a big step for me and raises all sorts of doubts in my mind, although I see other people at that level and think ‘What’s so special about them?’

I talk to other people and they say they get similar voices……messages from childhood and all that.

Should I go for it ?

Suzie Y (Commercial Accountant)


If you’re the Suzie with shoulder-length brown hair and glasses then, for the company’s sake, no.

I'm mailing you my Helpsheet: ‘Self awareness – sometimes it is just you’

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