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"How do I write an accounting job description that will attract world class finance professionals instead of yet more management accounting misfits, skivers and dodgers?"

Jonathan T, Management Accountant

How To Give Your Accountant Job Descriptions A Makeover - For FREE

Accountants and finance professionals!

Face the facts:- most of us are NOT salesmen. We find it hard enough to put even the faintest gloss on gross margin analysis let alone dress up double-entry.

So, if you want an accounting job description that appeals to the very best A-List accountancy artisans DO NOT write it in-house.

Instead, look to those glitzy, Apprentice-style sales-types in Marketing, Sales or PR to give you a helping hand. You will be astonished by the transformation.

As an example, we quizzed some work shy finance staff on key aspects of a Management Accountant vacancy, and then gave it the makeover treatment.

See the results below!!

Accounting Job Description MakeoverTM:

Role: Assistant Management Accountant

Purpose of Role:

You tell me! I never had a job description so I just carry on doing what I was shown by Maggie before she mysteriously vanished.

Provide world class support to the Group Financial Controller thereby facilitating business-critical decision making.

Main Tasks:

  • I spend half my time clearing up after those work-shy jobsworths in Purchasing by trying to clear down ruddy purchase orders from that poxy GRNI account. When are they going to start doing their jobs properly?!

  • Oversee reconciliation of major balance sheet accounts through proactive liaison with key department managers.
Main Tasks:

  • I seem to take what's left of THIS month trying to make head or tail of what the hell went on LAST month. And just when I'm nearly there some near-calamity crawls out from nowhere and it's back to square one.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of cost base and put mechanisms in place to avoid 'unwanted surprises'.
Main Tasks:

  • When are they going to get this stupid system sorted out? Half last-month's journals don't reverse properly and the other half get posted to the wrong accounts!! It looks like yet another weekend trapped in this financial flea-pit correcting everything manually!

  • Work closely with IT to ensure smooth month end processes and smart working practices
Main Tasks:

  • What HAS happened here?!! Huge variances all over the place! I'm never going to get the time to investigate these so I'll report my usual non-committal findings: "Adverse variance on Marketing spend due to costs being higher than budget"

  • Add value to key monthly reporting through applying in-depth knowledge of cost drivers

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