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"How do I write a personal profile that will really make me stand out and ensure I'm the job candidate a prospective employer is talking about?"

T Bee, Finance Manager

Writing A Personal Profile That Sells

Accounting resumes and CVs need perfectly-polished personal profiles if they are to get added to the A-List of accountancy artistes and celebrities.

So make sure your personal profile:

  • is memorable
  • stands out from the counting competition
  • is tailored to your prospective employer
  • is the one that everybody's talking about!

To help you, we've included below an exclusive and free selection of profile examples. Feel free to customise and craft them to match your own acclaimed accounting circumstances!

REMEMBER: this may be the first and only thing your prospective employer reads. So, when you're done, ask yourself:
Will this profile: A - win me Accounting's Got Talent or, B - cause the finance shredder to jam?

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World Class Personal Profiles - Examples

Accountant Living to their Employer's Brand Values - Sample CV Profile

“A vision of accounting magnificence and splendour, this paradigm of professionalism has set the standard to which peers and superiors aspire. An inspirational team-player, world-class communicator and black belt in double entry. He is worshipped and adored by those around him - a leader of counting men....a guru of career management excellence..... a guiding light to both accounting man and bookkeeping beast!!!"

Institutionalised Accountant - Sample Resume Profile

“Dull. A mediocre, reactive and institutionalised senior accountant drawing on 10 years' experience stagnating at his desk and occasionally plodding to the vending machine. Overcomes challenges by losing them in his inbox. Inarticulate, inaudible and largely invisible he says he continually strives for the highest standards, though nobody is quite sure.“

Simpleton Accountant / Accounting Cretin - Sample Accountant CV Profile

“I be no stranger to double-entry. I loves numbers, and my wife and I loves journals and ledgers! Can also do tricky sums when I puts my mind to it. Computor litrate."

Senior Accountant Working in Football - Sample Accountant Resume Profile

“Quality. A top-drawer senior management accountant who can demonstrate that there are no easy games at this level. Takes his chances and knows the difference between a good ball and the right ball. An effective team player whether working with the lads or the gaffer. A strong leader - will give full credit to the players when they give 100% but not afraid to make a substitution if they miss a sitter. Proactive, conscientious and adaptable – can play all round the park, spot when the game needs a goal and provide quality crosses or hoof the ball up field when the match needs a winner."

Senior Wild West Accountant / Working With Cowboys - Sample CV Profile

“Gun-slingin' finance professional who knows where to hang his hat. This senior accountant commands the respect of every GAAP gringo, counting critter and hired hand this side of the Rio Thames. He sure is committed - rootin' tootin' and a-hollerin' across the accounts office from sunup to sundown. He's also a team-playing son of a gun – can ride the river with a posse of sheriffs and double-entry deputies, and doesn't cry yeller when those gross margin green horns stampede at month end. Why, he's just a-itchin' to get back in the saddle again and ride alongside them accounting doggies!!"

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