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A word of warning.

This is not your typical accountant site.

If you're here drooling deliriously at the prospect of a few tasty technical updates or top tax tips then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

Click away now!

The alternative accountant is different. Very different.

Our goal is to breathe some fresh air and new life into the vitally important, pivotal and famously-infamous world of the Accountant, the Auditor and the Tax Professional.

No mean task!

So, here you'll find a unique blend of:

  • practical education in double entry-accounting and accounting language;
  • insight and wisdom from the REAL world of Accounting and Finance;
  • original occupational and office humour, and,
  • a vast selection of niche, fun and financially-themed gift ideas and cards.
beancounterBreathe life into your beans!

In short we aim to make a truly creative, useful and fun site.

A site that Brings Accounting to Life!

And me? I've been a qualified accountant for over 25 years (stop by sometime, and I'll tell you all about it).

Yes I've crunched those numbers, counted them beans and flirted with Finance functions all over the place!

Public Practice. Industry. Big. Small. Broken. Fixed.

It's taken its toll.

But over that time I've accumulated a vast amount of experience and insight into the world  of accounting, audit and tax:

- how it works (or doesn't) ; what makes it tick (sorry); and how it interacts with other professions.

So, enjoy the alternative accountant. Note this site is being added to all the time so bear with us - and keep visiting - oh, and tell your friends and colleagues.

Happy Accounting!


the alternative accountant

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