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Here at the alternative accountant you'll find some of the best audit and auditing humour. Have a laugh on us!

Auditing Jokes

accountant joke

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Auditing Swear Words


Why has the Audit Partner got the CFO in a head lock?

Funny Pictures of Auditors


Uncut, unaudited and non-compliant.

Auditor Insults and Put Downs

female cfo

Ways to bring an auditor down to size.

Auditor Nicknames

Poke fun at all those Internal Control Freaks!

More Audit Humor...

Auditor Videos

accountant video

Auditors sing while they work.

Auditing Songs and Anthems

singing accountant

Auditing Music for your iPod?

Auditing Song Parodies

accounting song parody

Sing along while you audit.

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