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auditing jokeWe've stretched our it-has-to-be-said pitiful resources to bring you some old-joke favourites plus a fair sprinkling of new and original material.

Use them to spice up a speech or presentation or just to make the auditing day pass more quickly.

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Auditing Auditor & Audit Jokes

Joke: How many auditors does it take to change a light bulb?
How many did it take last year?

Joke: Why did the auditors cross the road?
Because they looked in the file and that's what they did last year.

Joke: What's the worst thing a group of young auditors can do?
Go into town and gang-audit somebody.

Joke: Did you hear about the work shy internal auditor who ran out of sick days so he called in dead???

Joke: Which clients do short auditors like best?
Small businesses.

Joke: What did the auditor say at the vampire stocktake??
Count Dracula.

Joke: What do you call an accountant with an opinion?
An auditor.

Joke: What do you call an auditor who doesn't have an opinion?
I've no idea.

Joke: What do you call an auditor who can't audit?
An or.

Joke: Did you hear about the cannibal Audit practice?
They charge an arm and a leg.

Joke: What do cannibal auditors do after their Office Christmas Dinner ?
Toast their clients.

Joke: What do internal auditors do to liven up the office party?
Not show up.

Joke: Why did the auditors cross the road?
Because they had just been to a client to discuss revenue forecasts and were on their way back to the car.

Joke: How many internal auditors does it take to change a light bulb?
None! They're not allowed to under Health & Safety legislation. Process notes should have been written explaining this and giving contact details for the Facilities or Maintenance departments.

Joke: In our opinion there are just 3 types of auditors.
Those whose opinion you can rely on, and those whose opinion you can't.

Joke: "Doctor, Doctor. Every time I go on an audit I get covered in rashes. What could it be?"
"Mmmm. Let me take a look. Aaah. As I suspected. Ticks."

Joke: Did you hear about the Irish auditor?
He turned up on a horse 3 weeks late after getting lost on the Audit Trail.

Joke: What do you get if you cross a wild, ferocious, man-eating tiger with an internal auditor?
A very dull tiger.

Joke: How do you keep an auditor in suspense?

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