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"Caesar! Your funny auditing puns are a most merrie diversion on this starry March night!"

Mark Antony, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (1599)

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Pun 12:  Why do auditors wear long trousers?
Ticks.  (the aa)

Pun 11:  Why didn't the audit team take the escalator?
So they could perform a Walk-Through Test.  (the aa)

Pun 10:  What is the first step in the audit of a cake-making factory?
An Inherent Whisk Assessment.  (the aa)

Pun 9:  What did the audit senior uncover during the audit of a clothing factory?
A material error.  (the aa)

Pun 8:  Did you hear about the group of rookie audit juniors who had to be rescued after getting lost on the audit trail?  (the aa)

Pun 7: Did you hear about the cannibal Audit Partner who managed 3 audit managers and ate audit juniors?   (the aa)

Pun 6: Only auditors can save the world!
Through peace and reconciliations.    (the aa)     © the-alternative-accountant.com

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Pun 5:  Why do auditors always come across as so calm and assured?
They have strong Internal Controls.  (the aa)

Pun 4:  What's an auditor's favourite gaming console?
SARbox 360.  (the aa)

Pun 3:  Who audits the Devil?
The Infernal Auditors.  (the aa)

Pun 2: What did the auditor say at the vampire stock take?
Count Dracula.  (the aa)

Pun 1: What does an auditor say when boarding a train?
Mind the GAAP.    (the aa)

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