26 Auditing Swear Words

Everyday financial words and terms guaranteed to infuriate an auditor.

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- Why has the Audit Partner got the Financial Controller pinned against the wall with the Year End Reconciliations file?

- What led the quiet and reserved Internal Auditor to take an axe to the photocopier?

It's Auditing Swear Words! - the most infuriating financial terms that will really, really annoy any auditor.

shocked auditor"Unsupported Journal!!"

Annoying Auditing Swear Words!



Stock valuation


Client out sick

Statutory books and records

Unexplained difference

Unsupported journals

General Provisions

Suspense account



Unsatisfactory explanation

Repairs & maintenance


Late adjustments

Qualified report

Management Letter

Control weakness

Broken photocopier

Tax computation

Missing invoice

Snacks vending machine empty

Non-chargeable time

Legal & professional


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Home  > Auditing Humor  > Auditing Swear Words