The (Surprisingly) BIG Book of Accounting Humour

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- the ultimate e-book for accountants!
- it's funny!
- makes a great gift for birthdays or passing exams!
- it's the perfect Christmas gift idea!

Is this the funniest book for accountants ever written?

Packed with over 60 e-pages of accounting auditing and financial humor, it includes some of the best from the alternative accountant plus lots of new and original content. And all for a snip of a price!

accountant humour handbook

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Preface to The (Surprisingly) Big Book of Accounting Humour

If you are one of the 16% of accountants certified as having a sense of humour, then this book is for you.
If, however, you are among the 84% of accountants for whom a sense of humour is more of a challenge, then this book is definitely for you!

Written by accountants for accountants, this e book is packed with original financial humour:
- Personality Quiz
- Swear Words
- Insults
- Nicknames
- What Not To Say To The Auditors
- Small ads
- Ill-advised Slogans
- Anthems
- Original Jokes
-...and much more!

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