20 Boss Nicknames and Alternative Job Titles
- for Him and Her!

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- Does your boss have a sense of humour?

- Will the Head of Department see the funny side?

Why not  wind them up with a bit of old-fashioned name calling?

What's the worst that could happen? (apart from losing your job)

funny female bossMistress of the Minions

10 Nicknames for Her

Desk Duchess

Management Main Madam

She of the Salary Raise

Office Empress

Decision Diva

Queen of the Cubicles

Delegating Dame

Time Terrorist

Mistress of the Minions


10 Nicknames for Him

King of the Cubicles

Mr Meetings

Ruler of the Results

Prince of Performance

He of the Salary Raise

Office Commander

Lord of the Lunch Breaks

Time Terrorist

Delegating Daddy-O

Team Top Dog

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