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cfo-resume"Sort out all the mess."

Being a successful Chief Financial Officer involves a lot more than the 'official' list of responsibilities on that CFO Job Description.

Below is a precis of just some of the real-life, day-to-day realities a CFO will have to tackle if he or she is going to be truly successful taking on the Finance function!

Chief Financial Officer - alternative job desciption

The CFO will be responsible for:

  • Trying to keep a rein on that collection of double-entry deviants,  ledger luvvies and management accounting misfits that make up the Finance team
  • Making a note to remember that next time there's a project looking at upgrading systems or migrating to another ERP platform, Finance are involved from the start and not 2 year's down the line after a chance encounter with the IT Director in the lift.
  • Explaining to the Board why the actual results bear no relationship to the numerical nonsense churned out by the Reporting team for the last 11 months
  • Being resigned to the fact that if it doesn't work it ends up in Finance
  • Sorting out all the mess
  • Remembering that next time company morale takes a dip not to sign the Finance team up to that cretinous idea of an 'Have Your Say' staff survey
  • Planning and deploying diversionary tactics to ensure the auditors are kept strictly on the audit trail
  • Discovering that any opportunities to engineer a 'quick win' boost to the company's results have already been exploited by the previous encumbent

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