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We write our own original Christmas puns and jokes!

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christmas accountant joke"Peace, Goodwill and Reconciliations to all accountants this Christmas"

Joke 10:  How does Father Christmas reduce his tax bill? .
He claims Ho-Ho-Holdover Relief.  (the aa)

Joke 9:  Only accountants can save the world this Christmas.
Through Peace, Goodwill and Reconciliations.  (the aa)

Joke 8:  What's the biggest overhead in Father Christmas's accounts? 

Private Elf Insurance.  (the aa)

Joke 7:  How does Santa's accountant value his sleigh?
Net Present Value.  (the aa)

Joke 6: What did the Accountant do to liven up the office Christmas party
Not show up.

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Joke 5: Why is Santa always so jolly when he comes to the UK?
He can claim Gift Relief.   (the aa)

Joke 4: Why does Father Christmas not live in the United States?
Gift Taxes.   (the aa)

Joke 3:  What gaming console do auditors want this Christmas?
SARbox One S.  (the aa)

Joke 2: What is the tax status of Santa's helpers?
Elf-Employed.  (the aa)

Joke 1: How do Father Christmas's helpers pay their tax?
Through Elf Assessment.    (the aa)

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