How To Deal With Difficult People
Practical Solutions To Stay In Control and Feel Confident Knowing You Can Cope

Difficult people can make the working day hell.

And if your office is anything like ours, it's packed to the rafters with them!

Cubicles, the copier, team meetings - all crawling with bookkeeping bogeymen (and women) and ledger lowlife ready to sap all the energy, confidence and postivity out of us and fill our heads with negative trash!: skivers, dodgers, nutters, psychos,workshys, whingers, exploders, doom-merchants, and those ordinary folk who just push all our wrong buttons.

They stop us from fulfilling our potential, from being successful, from being happy.

How do YOU cope with all those numerate nutters and psychos in the office?

It needn't be that way!

But it needn't be like that! There are simple and practical ways to neutralise the awesome power and control these people seem to have over us.

We've brought together some of the best self-help practical solutions, tools and advice on the net. We find that video is a far more powerful and empowering medium than just reading pages of text.

Check them out, try it out, take control and turn your life around.

Good luck!


Feel confident knowing you have the tools to get take control in a difficult encounter.

Here's how to deal with people who try to insult, belittle or get the better of you.

Just feel and absorb the positive energy of this guy coming through the screen. We love him!

Practice, rehearse, practice...

How to Interact With People So They Don't Affect Us

At work there are few places to hide from people who are difficult to deal with - so we HAVE to interact with them. So how do we have it without taking on all that other person's "stuff"?

Dealing With Difficult People vs Them Dealing With Us!

OK it's a little grainy but this is a very thorough 4 part video on how to challenge our beliefs.

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