20 FD Nicknames and Alternative Job Titles
- for Him and Her!

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Does the Finance Director have a sense of humour?

Will the Head of Finance see the funny side?

Why not find out with a bit of harmless name calling?

What's the worst that could happen? (apart from losing your job)

female finance directorAll be standing for the First Lady of Finance.

10 Nicknames for Her

First Lady of Finance

Double Entry Duchess

Queen of Compliance

She of the Statements

Results Regina

Counting Countess

Numerate Noblewoman

Lady of the Ledgers

Queen of the Counters

Princess of Profits

10 Nicknames for Him

King of the Counters

Lord of the Ledgers

Ruler of the Results

Numerate Nobleman

Big Chief Beancounter

Historical Cost Head Honcho

Trial Balance Top Dog

Great Guru of GAAP

Bookkeeping Boss Man

Sir of the Statements

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