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Extreme and Deviant Accountant Behaviour

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Video: Street Accountants

The accounting back streets and alleys of some towns and cities have become no-go areas thanks to the explicit and deviant behaviour of low-life financial filth known as "street accountants".

Video: Accountants Gone Crazy

It's end of tax season. Few people ever get to witness the real goings on behind the closed doors of their local accountant or CPA. Prepare to be shocked.

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Video: Deflated Accounting Celebrity, Patricia, is consoled by her spreadsheets.

Accountants need to be careful when and to whom they give accounting gifts. Eloquent British Accountant and Accounting Celebrity Patricia finds it all very upsetting and consoles herself with work after receiving a Swear Words mug from company accountant, Martin.

Video: Quirky Public Accountant identifies cost-saving opportunities at client's

A creature of habit, this CPA negotiates with client over use of fridge during his audit assignment.

Video: Notorious Despot Actually Worked in Public Accounting

WARNING: contains very strong language

The Fuhrer, CPA, loses it when informed of last minute bad news from a major audit client.

Video: Public Accountant or Stand Up Comedian?

The funniest accountant in the office breaks the news to an unsuspecting accounting coworker that he is switching career....

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