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Dangerous Accounting Activities, Accidents and Calamity

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Video: Public Accountant Causes Fork Lift Carnage

WARNING: not for the feint-hearted!

Female Accountants! - Before walking through the warehouse to discuss stock levels with the Warehouse Manager, revisit your First Aider Training Course notes, just in case they're needed.

Video: Accountant Attacked By Monster

Be very suspicious when called to a meeting with a particularly difficult colleague from Research & Development to discuss cuts to the new product development budget.

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Video: Remittance Advices Cause Office Calamity.

This may seem like a sedentary accounting activity, but a sudden lapse in concentration can inflict injury on you and your Accounts Payable coworkers.

Video: Monitor Takes Out Accounting Worker As He Works On Spreadsheet

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by your work cubicle. One minute you could be being silently seduced by a spreadsheet and the next.....

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