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ifrsSome financial accountants can find International Reporting Standards peculiarly arousing.
management accountantA Financial Planning & Analysis Manager resorts to desperate measures to improve her planning and forecasting skills.
internal auditor jokeAn internal auditor grapples with his emotions while awaiting the outcome of a SOx assurance review.

recruitment agencyIs your accountancy recruitment agency staffed with polished procurement professionals or....
funny recruitment picture with caption...rowdy recruitment rabble?!!

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financial controllerFinancial Controllers can react badly after reception calls to say the auditors have arrived.
cfo jokeAnother CFO succombs to the irresistible allure of IFRS 8

accounting jokeAccounting for Dummies: Why all the books? Why all ths fuss? Cr. Cash, Dr. Dummies. Simple..
accounting jokeThe Sales Vice President comes off second-best after a disagreement with the CFO over an adverse variance.
audit jokeLast year's Suspense Analysis arrives at the alternative accountant for the 2017 Audit.

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