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IFRS 8: Funny Nicknames and Alternative Job Titles

For accountants, CPAs and auditors

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Being verbally insulted and called names is just part and parcel of being an accountant. So go on, take your pick from the lists below and let those Journal Junkies and Internal Control Freaks really have it!

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Nicknames For Accountants and CPAs

Number crunchers



Dabblers in Double Entry

Double-entry Deviants

Penny Processors

Ledger Lovers


Journal Jugglers

Ledger Attendants

Counting Consultants

Figure Fraternisers

Provisions Peddlers

Account Ants

Coffee Bean Counter

Journal Junkie

Recovering Accountaholic

Journal Joyrider

Big Bad Bookkeepers

Month End Majesties

Closeted Counters

Debits and Credits Dealers

Reserved Reconcilers

King / Queen of the Calculator

Nicknames for Auditors


Tickers 'n' Bashers

Internal Control Freaks

The Enemy


Year End Yearners

Process Police

Double-entry Detectives

auditorA Year End Yearner struggles with his emotions


Control Cops

Spreadsheet Snoops

Penny Patrol


Big Bad Beancounter

King / Queen of Compliance

Devils of Double Entry

Home  > Accounting Humor  > Funny Nicknames