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- FALLEN FOR a Financial Controller?

- BOWLED OVER by a Bookkeeper?

- CRAZY about the CFO?

accountant pick up line"Come to my office and we can discuss stretch targets..."

Whatever your fancy, these perfect pick up lines may help you land that financial fish!...but then again...

Pick Up Line 19: "I'm like a one-sided Balance Sheet - all assets and no liabilities"

Pick Up Line 18: "Let's go make some journals together"

Pick Up Line 17: "Is that your pocket calculator or are you just pleased to see me?"

Pick Up Line 16: "These are the nicest ledgers I've seen this accounting period."

Pick Up Line 15: "I think you may need some help to fit this projection in your inbox."

Pick Up Line 14: "I'll be your credit if you'll be my debit."

Pick Up Line 13: "I'll be your debit if you'll be my credit."

Pick Up Line 12: "Come into my office and let me demonstrate double entry."

Pick Up Line 11: "May I give your projection more inflation?"

Pick Up Line 10: "What are you doing at month end?"

Pick Up Line 9: "I'll be your laptop if you'll be my hard drive."

More Funny Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Line 8: "I'll be your hard drive if you'll be my laptop."

Pick Up Line 7: "Here, let me help you with that entry."

Pick Up Line 6: "Come back to my place and let's discuss stretch targets"

Pick Up Line 5: "My Trial Balance just won't balance without you".

Pick Up Line 4: "May I test your internal controls?"

Pick Up Line 3: "Come back to my place and let's do some data entry."

Pick Up Line 2: "Buy me a drink and I'll let you process some entries in my back office."

Pick Up Line 1: "I'll show you my spreadsheets...if you'll show me yours."

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