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Finance Transformation programmes needn't be expensive!

A witty slogan here or a catchy tagline there can make all the difference and avoid those irritating "Finance spending money?!" jibes from colleagues and co-workers.

Use the list below for inspiration!

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Funny Slogans Taglines and Straplines

i. Re-brand your offices or department

Spruce up your office signage with one of these memorable slogans!

"Welcome to Finance / Accounting....

Slogan 1: ....The Home of Double Entry"

Slogan 2: ...The department you can count on"

Slogan 3: ...Where all the mess is sorted out"

Slogan 4: ...You take the credit, we process the debit"

Slogan 5: ...Where everybody counts"

Slogan 6: ...We're no strangers to ledgers"

Slogan 7: ...We're Countin' It!"

Slogan 8: ...Where every day is just like the last."

ii. Go for a complete re-brand:
Out go the "oh so yesterday" Accounting and Finance


"Month Ends 'R' Us"

"Numbers 24/7"

"The Counting Crew"

"Kings of the Calculators"

iii. Emphasise the positive:
Put your stamp on reports and commentaries:

"Hand crafted in Finance."

"Produced using only the finest free range, indoor-reared organic accountants."

"Figures calculated using a traditional, secret recipe."

...and caveat the negative:

"Choking hazard: may contain material errors."

"WARNING: All figures produced in an office containing nutters."

"CAUTION: may contain round-sum adjustments."

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