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Funny Tax Videos and Singing Tax Accountants

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Welcome to one of the best collections of Accounting Audit and Tax Videos on the internet.

Funny Tax Videos and Singing Accountants

TAX VIDEO - Tax Freedom Day

How long do you have to work through the year before you're free of paying taxes?

TAX VIDEO - The Significantly Accelerated Structural Deficit Reduction Plan

TAX VIDEO - Turbo Tax Rap

Turbo Tax helps you work out how much tax to pay but what does Uncle Sam do with all that cash?


If you think working out your tax and filling out tax returns will drive you crazy - then try watching this video! - from the Singing CPA

TAX VIDEO - Turbo Tax Rap - 2

Turbo Tax has pushed this tax accountant CPA over the edge. If you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at your local accountant's office - then now you know!


- too much exposure to tax can lead to excessive and deviant behaviour among many accountants and CPAs.

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