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How many acountants are there? is a question we often ask ourselves here at the alternative accountant.

The answer is simple: - a lot more than you think!

In fact we needed our own army of analysts and number crunchers just to count them for this page.

If you're looking for interesting and unusual stats and analysis on numbers of accountants, auditors, accounting clerks, bookkeepers, tax preparers and related occupations - then you've come to the right place*.

Happy number crunching!

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Number Cruncher Numbers in the USA



% Male

% Female

Accountants and Auditors 1,653 38.7 61.3
Bookkeeping Accounting & Audit Clerk 1,300 10.1 89.9
Financial Managers 1,107 45.8 54.2
Billing & Posting Clerks 471 9.9 90.1
Billing and Accounts Collection 211 29.4 70.6
Finance Clerks and Other 64 22.9 77.1
Payroll and Timekeeping 168 10.7 89.3
Financial Analysts 84 65.2 34.8
Budget Analysts 53 48.2 51.8
Personal Financial Advisors 371 68.8 31.2
Other Financial Specialists 77 38.2 61.8
Tax Examiners, Collectors and Agents 70 43.8 56.2
Tax Preparers 110 34.2 65.8

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics : 2011 Data : Total Workforce >16 years = 139.9mn

*Note: While very effort has been made to ensure the accurate reproduction of these statistics, the alternative accountant cannot be held liable for any loss arising from any error or omission or misinterpretation. Now, back to your work!

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