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"He Won't Leave My Inbox Alone"

with Agony Aunt Kim

Accounting Agony Aunt Kim is our very own part-time, professional-style, problems practitioner. Our staff may know her better as Kim in Management Accounts (the tubby one with glasses and attitude).

"He Won't Leave My Inbox Alone"


Dear Kim,

Can you help?

I am 20, attractive, and work in Marketing.

Two weeks ago I started receiving e-mails from an older man in the Finance department.

At first these seemed innocent enough but now I dread opening my inbox....

The e-mails are becoming increasingly saucy and smutty. I think he’s using his experience to try and seduce me.

Is it really normal to use words such as ‘market PENETRATION’, customer ‘PROPOSITION’, ‘PROCEDURES manual’, ‘SARBOX’ and ‘DOUBLE-ENTRY’ ? I think not.

I decided to confront him. He’s 40, but attractive, and I could not stop blushing. It was awful.

He brushed it off saying it was just part of our working relationship and that I needn’t worry.

But I’m suspicious and the e-mails have continued.

I feel dirty and used, but, strangely, excited.

What should I do?

Liz M (Marketing Manager)


Your reaction is quite normal. My instinct tells me he’s trying to impress you with his cool jargon.

Take comfort that you are not the first. Many young women have written to me about being swept off their feet by the glamorous, glittering world of Finance.

I am sending you my Help Sheet: Finance Ain’t Just Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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