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"Father! Father! Do tell us one of Mr Scrooge's funny insolvency practitioner jokes to make us merrie this cold, dark winter's night. O Father, Please do!"

Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol (1843)

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Joke 3:  Did you hear about the thieves who broke into an Insolvency Practitioner's offices and stole all the Unsecured Creditors?  (the aa)

Pun 4: Why did the Insolvency Practitioner's husband file for divorce?
He found her Statement of Affairs.     (the aa)

Pun 3: What did they give the gullible insolvency practitioner at his retirement party?
A Winding-Up Order.     (the aa)

Pun 2: Why did the constipated insolvency practitioner go to the doctor?
He had a Going Concern.     (the aa)

Pun 1: Why was the Insolvency Practitioner sent to rehab?
Solvency Abuse.   ( the aa)

Joke 2: What is the definition of an insolvency practitioner?
Someone who arrives after the battle, bayonets all the wounded, pawns their possessions and charges their time to the relatives.

Joke 1: What happens when you lock a hyena in a room with an insolvency practitioner?

The hyena stops laughing.   (the aa)

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