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funny problem lettersYour Accountant Agony Letters

Work problem pages - with Agony Aunt Kim

Accountant Agony Aunt Kim, is our very own professional-style, problems practitioner.

Our staff may know her better as Kim in Management Accounts (the tubby one with glasses and attitude).

Whatever your work or office anguish, Kim will try and help you - but like all of us, she is very busy!

Your Agony Letters....

"He Dresses Up as a French Maid" - Month End Humiliation Angst

"Am I An Accounting Fraud?" - Morbid Fear Of Being Found Out

"He Won't Leave My Inbox Alone" - Saucy Email Agony

"My Accounting Colleague Talks To Me In A Silly Voice" - Baby Talk Shocker

"I Think My Boss May Have an Accounting Drink Problem" - Beancounter Booze Agony

"How Do I Make an Accounting Career Change?" - Long Service Dilemma

"I'm Always Worrying" - Accounting Anxiety Anguish

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