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Sample Accounting Resume : Extracts and Examples

Our 'Get Yourself Noticed' Resume & CV Thesaurus is carefully crafted to do just that!

By demonstrating your complete command of the English language, you will be THE one that prospective employers are talking about!

For this page we've selected some sensational sample accounting resume extracts from our acclaimed Accounting Celebrities Collection to give you a flavour of what can be achieved with this terrific tool!!

Example Accounting Resume & CV Extracts

Pro-active and versatile team-playerFanatical, all-purpose meat-head
Managed and developed a team of 20Commanded and ripened a herd 20-strong
Customer-focussedObsessed with suckers
Confident and Professional Puffed-up hot-shot
Competent and experienced senior accountantWell broken-in financial fireball who's been around
Developed a new reconciliation process with major suppliers.Kissed-and-made-up with top chumps.
Improved and expanded a world-class Management Information Service for both line management and direct reportsTouched up and bloated half-decent knowledge for the graybeards and gaffers upstairs and their poor relations and gophers downstairs

It's so easy! Why not give it a go yourself!!

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