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Singing Auditors: Is This The Way To Do An Audit?

A team of Big 4 auditors spontaneously put aside their Internal Control Checklists, don their auditing shoes and sing along to a Tony Christie classic anthem.

Singing Bank Auditors: I'm On An Audit

Don't mess with the bank auditors when they come into town. The audit team has arrived and they mean business.... and Sox compliance.

Singing Chartered Accountants: Accountancy Shanty

A surreal video clip from deep within the accounting archives.  Alternative accountants take time out to sing and be merry and tell accounting tales of long ago during a rare away-from-desk lunch break.

The Singing CPA - Happy Birthday Sarbanes Oxley!

Nothing can get an accountant's foot tappin' like the Enron accounting scandal and Sarbanes Oxley put to music. Why not sing along with this near-famous CPA and his potential accounting smash hit.

Singing Accountant: The Accountant Song

A truly creative accountant sings of the joys of inflated assets and front-end loaded stimulus packages.

Singing CPA: Turbo Tax Rap

Turbo Tax has pushed this tax accountant over the edge. If you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at your local CPA's office - then now you know.

Singing Tax Accountant: Tax Freedom Day

How long do you have to work through the year before you're free of paying taxes?

Singing CPA: Turbo Tax - The Rap

Turbo Tax helps you work out how much tax to pay but what does Uncle Sam do with all that cash?

Singing Accountant: The Significantly Accelerated Structural Deficit Reduction Plan Rag

Enough said.

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