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Here at the alternative accountant we write our own original spreadsheet jokes

Help yourself to  any from the list of new and old below and lighten up a speech, meeting or presentation or just have a laugh and make the working day pass quicker.

"My Lord!! Thy spreadsheet jokes are a most Excel-lent diversion!"

Antonio in Julius Caesar (1599)

Accounting Jokes

Joke 8: Spreadsheet gurus do it on a pivot table with a Wizard.   (the aa)

Joke 7:  Which Excel function is most popular with alcoholics?
Bar Charts.   (the aa)

Joke 6: Which Excel function is most popular with weight watchers?           Pie Charts.  (the aa)

Joke 5  My spreadsheets are guaranteed 100% mistrake free.   (the aa)

Joke 4:  Why did the mafia gang steal all the spreadsheet passwords?
It was part of a protection racket.   (the aa)

Joke 3: Why are Excel users so popular at after-work drinks?           They always create a tab at the bar.  (the aa)

Joke 2:  Why do spreadsheet wizards have their screens on the ceiling?       Look ups.  (the aa)

Joke 1: Spreadsheet users do it in cells in rows. 

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