31 Tax Innuendo and Double Entendres

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If you work in tax then you will be only too aware that it is a subject o with smutty inferences and innuendo.

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Innuendo 31: "My stimulus package is front-end loaded".

Innuendo 30: "I love being compliant!"

Innuendo 29: "Audit Me - Audit me Now!"

Innuendo 28: "That was an unauthorised entry!"

Innuendo 27: "My inbox cannot take any more!"

Innuendo 26: "Your assets need revaluing"

Innuendo 25: "Your penetration rates are unrealistic"

Innuendo 24: "Oops. I'm afraid I've inadvertently liquidated your assets"

Innuendo 23: "Leave my inbox alone!"

Innuendo 22: "For this to work you'll need to up your internal rate of return"

Innuendo 21: "That is a very ambitious stretch target"

Innuendo 20: "This afternoon I will be demonstrating an end-to-end process"

Innuendo 19: "That entry is not allowed with related parties!"

Innuendo 18: "Your assets are dilapidated".

Innuendo 17: "Sorry. I very nearly mis-posted that entry".

More Smutty Accounting Innuendo and Double Entendre

Innuendo 16: "I Love Double Entry!"

Innuendo 15: "Would you like me to realise your holding gain?"

Innuendo 14: "May I test your internal controls?"

Innuendo 13: "I'm afraid your assets are impaired"

Innuendo 12: "My journals are unsupported"

Innuendo 11: "Your projection is too large for my inbox."

Innuendo 10: "Have you tried a reversing entry?"

Innuendo 9: "You might have to do it manually"

Innuendo 8: "It's time I demonstrated double entry"

Innuendo 7: "That projection needs more inflation"

Innuendo 6: "The inflation assumptions for your projection are unrealistic"

Innuendo: "Relax - I'm an internal auditor"

Innuendo 5: "Is this an asset or a liability?"

Innuendo 4: "Show me your operating segments"

Innuendo 3: "Nice journals!"

Innuendo 2: "Your ledgers are well balanced."

Innuendo 1: "I cannot see your projection in my inbox"

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