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ANYBODY WHO WORKS WITH TAX knows that it has a language packed with the most saucy sayings and frisky fiscal phrases!

Understanding this lurid lingo is essential for anyone looking to avoid troublesome taxual situations - such as giving an unintentional 'come on' to the Senior Tax Partner.

Thankfully, the Swearing & Smut Team here at the alternative accountant are compiling a list of the most smutty sayings to help you.

Read it. Take notes. Keep it by your side. You never know when you might need it.

Tax Smut & Fiscal Innuendo

"Relax - I'm a tax inspector."

"Tax me!"

"That is some holding gain!"

"My tax advisor gives me relief once a year."

"Would you like some holdover relief?"

"I'm not sure if that entry is allowable."

"I'm grilling the taxman!"

"Put this down as entertainment."

"My inbox cannot take your computation!"

"Witholding may be the best policy."

"Your tax form is full."

"Sir, that deduction is gross!"

"Madam, I think you have overlooked these inflation adjustments."

"I've had a look into your affairs and your claim is unfounded."

"Madam, I've had a look in your files and your tax affairs are all in order."

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