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"Shylock! I will give thou thy pound of flesh if thou maketh us merrie with thy most agreeable tax puns!"

Antonio, The Merchant of Venice (1599)

We write our own original tax puns and jokes! Help yourself to the list of new and old puns below (with appropriate acknowledgement) and lighten up a speech or presentation or just to have a laugh and make the working day pass quicker.

Tax Jokes

Pun 13:  Did you hear about the new tax on the religious?
It's collected via P.A.Y.E - Pray As You Earn  (the aa)

Pun 12:  Why do tax auditors wear long trousers?
Ticks.  (the aa)

Pun 11:  What does a Tax Preparer say at the start of Tax Season?
Many Happy Tax Returns!  (the aa)

Pun 10:  Did you hear about the deviant tax accountant?
She got her client's charges reduced from gross indecency to net indecency.  (the aa)

Pun 9:  Why are morbidly obese fortune tellers up in arms?
There's a new tax on Gross Prophets.  (the aa)

Pun 8:  Did you hear about the new Tax Consultancy run by cannabis uers?
It's a Joint Venture.  (the aa)

Pun 7:  What's a Tax Inspector's favourite Western movie?
A Fiscal of Dollars.  (the aa)

Pun 6: Tax Accountants do it for relief.  (the aa)     © the-alternative-accountant.com

More Tax Puns...

Pun 5:  What's the most tax efficient way to buy a dog?
Sale and leash back.  (the aa)

Pun 4:  Did you hear about the new choir at the IRS?
It's called Tax Harmonisation.  (the aa)

Pun 3:  Why was the hairdresser being investigated by the IRS?
Undeclared Fringe Benefits.  (the aa)

Pun 2: What is the tax status of Santa's helpers?
Elf-Employed.  (the aa)

Pun 1: How do Father Christmas's Helpers pay their tax?
Through Elf Assessment.    (the aa)

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